English Lab A – Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese A (2012-13)

Only students whose surname starts with letters A-L can attend this course. Students whose surname starts with letters M-Z must attend the course taught by Dr. Sabrina Noccetti. Information about the contents, schedule and modality of the exam are published on the dedicated page on the Omero database. Students are invited to read the answers to the FAQs before contacting the teacher.

Information for the students who cannot attend the lessons (non frequentanti) is available here.


Dr. Cappelli’s lessons: Monday and Tuesday at 4pm (Aula 10 Palazzo Ricci) Dr. Fowler’s lessons (Lettorato): Tuesday 8.30-10.00 am (Aula 10 Palazzo Ricci), Friday 10.00 am-12.00pm (Aula 4 Palazzo Ricci)

The course started on Monday September 24.


Course contents

The 42 hour course taught by Dr. Cappelli will introduce the structural and functional properties of the English language. It will focus on elements of phonetics and phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax up to the level of the “phrase”. It will also include an overview of the history of the English language from its origins to the present day, its varieties and its role as a global language. Students are also required to attend the 40 hour general English language course (level A2-B1) taught by Dr. Jenny Fowler aimed at developing student’s productive and receptive language skills. Given the contents of the course and the level required to pass the exam (B1), we recommend students have at least an entry level equal to the A2 level of the European Framework. We advise absolute beginners and students with a lower level of English to attend one of the courses offered by Centro Linguistico Interdipartimentale so as to reach the recommended entry level for the course.

Course attendance

Attendance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Attendance of both parts of the course will be monitored for purely statistical reasons. The final exam is the same for “frequentanti” and “non-frequentanti”.

Course readings

All students are required to do the following readings:

  • Ballard, K. (2001), The Frameworks of English, Routledge. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  • Mullany, L. and Stockwell, P. (2010) Introducing English Language – A Resource Book for Students, Routledge. Sections A1, A2, A4, A8, A9, A10, B1, B2, B4, B8, B9, B10; C1, C2, C4, C8, C9, C10; D2, D4, D8, D9, D10.
  • Crystal, D. (2002), English as a Global Language, CUP (an Italian translation is available L’Inglese come lingua globale, Pari Publishing – however the exam will be in English so students are invited to read the original version of the book)
  • New English File, Pre-intermediate, Oxford University Press, both the student’s book (ISBN 9780194384339) and workbook with key (ISBN 978-0-19-438767-5) (to be used in dr. Fowler’s course)
  • Handouts provided by the teachers (photocopy shop, Omero, this website)

Further readings (not mandatory) Students who wish to read further on some of the topics discussed in class can refer to the following texts:

  • Crystal, D. (2003), The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, CUP. Chapters 1-17

Recommended dictionaries

  • Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary
  • Oxford Dictionary of English
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Recommended grammar books:

  • Murphy, R. (2012), English Grammar in Use with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Students of English, 4th Edition, CUP


Exam dates for 2013 have now been published on Omero. The final exam is the same for “frequentanti” and “non-frequentanti”. Students who will not attend the lessons might find it useful to read the recommended further readings too. The final exam consists of:

  • a written test made up of two sections (one on the contents of the main course and one testing the student’s language proficiency level – B1).
  • an oral exam focusing on the contents of the course and on the book by David Crystal “English as a Global Language” and aiming at assessing the student’s oral receptive and productive skills. Only students who have passed the written test can take the oral exam.

Office hours

Dr. Cappelli’s office hours for the fall term are:

  • Monday 2-4pm, Studio 8, 1st Floor, Dipartimento di Anglistica, Via Santa Maria 67.

Students are invited to read the answer to the FAQs before contacting the teacher.


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