Academic Year 2008-2009 (LEA-LEFE)

Spring Term 2009

English Language 1 and 2 – Second Level Degree Courses LEA e LEFE

(with Prof. Silvia Bruti)

Course Program

The course program is valid for both the 1st and 2nd year students. 2008/2009 Course outline – LEA/LEFE 1 and 2.

Course Handouts

1st MODULE (prof. Bruti)

This part of the course is mandatory for all LEA/LEFE students.

Analysing spoken language The structure of conversation.

Analysing spoken language The structure of conversation 2

Adjacency pairs in conversational exchanges.

The articles discussed are available in Via San Simone.

2nd MODULE (dott. Cappelli)

Handout n.1 (March 16)

Taping spoken language (March 20)

Vague Language, (March 20).

YouTube video to transcribe and analyse.

Vague Language in English


Story Telling – slides



Fillers – Slides

3rd MODULE (dott. Cappelli)


Little Women (zip file) (dott.ssa Montefiori).

Articles presented by the students

Interactive aspects of vagueness in conversation

Narrative, opinion and situated argument in talk show discourse

The functions of silence

Approaches to spoken interaction

Pragmatic markers revisited with a focus on you know in adult and adolescent talk

So who? Like how? Just what? Discourse markers in the conversations of Young Canadians

What are discourse markers?

Implementing incipient actions: The discourse marker ‘so’ in English conversation

Discourse markers in oral narrative

Exam results

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